My New MacBook

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For those who know me, the single-greatest thing an individual could purchase me would be something in the realm of technology. I’ve been privileged enough to buy a new, black Apple Macbook (courtesy of daddy) for my graduation present, and I must say, it’s a match made in heaven. My old laptop was pushing three years and falling apart; however, I intend on taking care of my new “baby” much more. I’ve already spent the vast majority of the last day and a half adding new software acquired by methods of “questionable legality”, yet I keep discovering there’s so much more to do. I’m a Linux fan, so I’m naturally comfortable with the terminal interface as well as the basic understanding of the foundation of Mac OS X Leopard, but I still appreciate all the eye-candy. I strongly recommend this product, and expect everyone to leave me alone so I can enjoy it. =). Okay, maybe not to much. Oh oh… also come to my graduation at 2 PM on Saturday, May 17th in the Morris Cultural Arts Center at Houston Baptist University. Thank you.

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