Apple Refreshes Desktops


Apple finally released refreshed versions of their Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and iMac desktop computers yesterday. They also refreshed their networking hardware (Airport Extreme/Time Capsule) to incorporate dual band technology. This significantly improves range and optimizes speed for each client.

But in this economy, people may have even more of a reason to frown on the “Apple tax.” It seems like in a comparison between a Mac and PC with similar hardware specs, the Mac will always cost way more. Apple tried to get away with having their refreshed products maintain the base prices of the former generation to lure in buyers with the improved specs (aka, “more bang for your buck”). In reality, I don’t know how willing people are to still pay the Apple premium on all their products.

I recently built a quad-core computer for less than $500. It’s probably twice as powerful as the iMac, but costs half the price. Sure, it’s running Windows/Linux, but I don’t think OS X is worth hundreds of extra dollars. I surmise others are beginning to think the same… especially with the OS x86 project gaining steam. 😉


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