Favorite BlackBerry Apps


After recently getting the BlackBerry Tour for Verizon Wireless, I jumped on the opportunity to explore the realm of applications available for download. Here are the applications I frequently use on my BlackBerry (excluding preloaded software like Google Talk, Media Player, etc.):


Personally, I’ve had nothing but trouble with the Facebook application. This could be due to a lack of WiFi on the Tour, but then again, shouldn’t all Internet-driven apps be created with the mindset that users will be using the slowest connection possible? Since I still use Facebook, I still use the app to update my status from time to time.


I love it. It loves me. We’re a match made in digital heaven. I tried TwitterBerry before, but UberTwitter is far faster and more suited to my needs.


If you’re even remotely involved with healthcare (medical student, physician, etc.), get it! Quickly look up drug interactions, doses, pharmacology, and even pill pictures. Epocrates is the trusty sidekick of any healthcare professional.

BlackBerry Pro v3 Black

This really can’t be considered an “application.” BlackBerry Pro v3 is the theme I use as it’s a.) free, and b.) free. Also, it’s free. The best part is… it’s free! And incredibly functional. Coupled with the WeatherEye, I have a great interface where I can access my frequently used apps with a single click.


Those who have used Pandora’s service on on a desktop know it’s a priceless piece of software, especially for those long hours of studying. Pandora asks a user to input a song, and it automatically references the “Music Genome Project” to play songs similar to the input. So simple. So elegant. 🙂


As a loyal user of the WordPress open source platform for nearly half a decade, I naturally jumped at the chance to have a mobile version for my BlackBerry. Whether I’m on the road or in the middle of a lecture (neither of which is a good time to be typing on a mobile device, mind you), I can quickly draft or publish a post on the go.


Vlingo is something new I’ve been trying out. Supposedly, it helps you speed through your tasks by minimizing the need for typing. Instead, you use your voice to dictate text messages, look up nearby coffee shops, update your Twitter status, etc. Pretty nifty application, but as with all voice-recognition software, it takes some “training” before it’s useful.


The RSS reader for the ages. Viigo keeps me updated with the latest sports scores, tech/health news, blog comments, and a whole plethora of other information using the power of RSS.

While I’m at it, I thought I would also throw in my BlackBerry Messenger barcode. I’m more than welcome to answer questions or offer opinions. 🙂


  1. I previously had a Palm Treo and when I backed it up to my desktop I could actually open my calendar and contacts on my desktop. When I back up my BB, it is just a backup file.

    Do you know of any application that will put my contacts/calendar from BB onto desktop in readable format?


    • Have you tried Blackberry’s desktop software? The program will automatically synchronize your contacts/calendar with your computer. This is different from a backup, but you’ll accomplish the same thing.


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