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Snow Leopard Pre Order

The next iteration of Apple’s revolutionary operating system, OS X, comes out this Friday – “Snow Leopard” version 10.6. For $29, I decided to go ahead and purchase the OS last night from the Apple Store, so it’ll be at my door at some point on Friday and give me something to do this weekend. 馃檪

My early 2008 BlackBook (black MacBook) won’t be able to take advantage of the OpenCL technology, but Grand Central Dispatch and 64-bit computing should come through in terms of performance. Furthermore, Exchange server support should really simplify my connection to the Baylor Med network.

I’ve always approached web development with optimization in mind, and this is exactly what Snow Leopard attempts to do for Apple. Looking forward to testing it out!


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  1. Can it be installed on a Dell Mini 9? 馃榾

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