Not An Apple Fan Boy

So it’s been brought to my attention that at least one person thinks I’m an “Apple fan boy.” I found this incredibly amusing considering how much I despise the fan boys myself, but let’s get one thing straight… I’m not.

Apple is a great company with great software and “decent” hardware, but in the face of the open source community (Linux, Android, etc.), there’s no comparison in my books. I write a lot about our friends in Cupertino because the cornerstone of my portfolio is attributed to their company, so naturally I’m concerned about Apple-happenings (product releases, conferences, etc.).

In addition, the only hardware I own from Apple is a black MacBook and iPod Touch 1G. As far as my next foreseeable purchase from Apple… I’m thinking about getting an updated laptop at the end of medical school before beginning residency. I’ll never get one of their desktops, though.

I previously blogged about wishing the iPhone would come to Verizon, but every since Google’s Android platform started picking up steam, I’ve not looked back. In fact, in my opinion, Android has accomplished far more in its platform within a year than iPhone OS did in three years of development. To top it off, Android isn’t showing signs of letting up whereas with Apple, it’s always about waiting till the next MacWorld or WWDC. 😉

So yeah, I’m not a fan boy. I appreciate Apple for what they contribute to the community, but when push comes to shove, open source wins.

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  1. Oscar says

    I do remember you telling me that I was talking to the wrong guy when I asked you if you thought Mac OS was the best GUI around. You implied that you were a “Linux fanboy”. =)