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Note Clippings

One of the incidental skills you learn in med school is learning how to take notes. Throughout the year, I jotted down some interesting stuff either in written form or in the PowerPoints. Keep in mind that most are a product of zoning out. 馃槈 Here’s a list of some of them.

  • Px Hx HA, DM, HTN (11 letters which mean -> “Patient has a history of headaches, diabetes mellitus, and high blood pressure.”)
  • “This is a liver.” (I couldn’t tell the difference between a gross liver and lung during pathology.)
  • “This is a vagina.” (To this day, it takes me more time than I’m proud of to differentiate the vagina from the esophagus histologically.)
  • “Natural killers = Spartans, tumors = Persians”
  • “Kretzer will castrate you if you forget it’s vimentin +!”
  • “Look up POS” (Classmate saw this on my notes and cautiously asked if I really don’t know what that means; she didn’t realize I was referring to polycystic ovarian syndrome. We both got a laugh out of that.)
  • “LOW YIELD” (I’ve written that on countless slides)
  • “UIP… HP… RB-ILD… NSIP… DIP… OMGWTFBBQ” (struggling to recall the interstitial lung diseases we covered)
  • Px has MD (intended to mean “patient is a doctor”, mistaken for myotonic dystrophy once and macular degeneration twice)
  • Px is S.O.B. on exertion. (I know I’m not the聽only one guilty of writing this about patients who are…聽short聽of聽breathe)

I’ll append more clippings as I come across them. 馃檪


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