Writing A Personal Statement

In his latest blog post, a classmate of mine has provided some of the most “real” advice one can give to aspiring students working on their personal statements for medical school. He summarizes the points I feel most admissions committees wish applicants would adhere to while leaving out the sugar-coated and often superfluous nonsense.

Be sure to check out his other blog posts at https://jaewonjoh.com.

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  1. nicola kemp says

    been writing my personal statement for over a week now and I find it difficult to know what they want of me. I was a nurse for 8 years so I put all experience down, but how much do I write without it becoming a list :/ I have tried to put myself into it but not too much as I dont want to sound arogant :/ It has been rewritten so many times lol. I have sent it off to friends who are in uni and they think it is fabulous. Is anyone ever happy with their personal statement? Soooooo many questions…. The main worry for me is that I have only one chance of sending it off, if it isn’t good enough, then all my hard work was wasted. Is it just me or does everyone think the same.

    1. Rishi says

      My last post actually outlines things you may want to avoid while writing your personal statement. In general, try to focus more on what’s important to you than what others “want of [you].” You will naturally be more inclined to write about things which are relevant to your decision to pursue medicine, law, etc. and will consequently have more to talk about during your interview.

      No one will ever think his or her personal statement is perfect, but you’re not trying to write a literary masterpiece – you’re trying to briefly convey why you think Career X is your calling.