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Comparison Of Web Standards Across Android Browsers – September 2013

In a follow-up to my comparison of the web standards of five popular Android web browsers, here are the updated results using the latest versions (including beta versions when provided) on my Asus Nexus 7 (2002, “grouper”) running Android 4.3.

Acid3CSS3 TestHTML5 Test
Stock 4.3100/100378/1040 (45%)293 + 3 bonus
Chrome (beta, v30)100/100585/1040 (60%)449 + 11 bonus
Dolphin聽(v10.0.4)100/100378/1040 (45%)298 + 3 bonus
Firefox (beta, v25)100/100 w/ error551/1040 (58%)436 + 14 bonus
Opera (beta, v16)100/100605/1040 (62%)425 + 11 bonus
UC Browser聽(v9.3)96/100511/1040 (51%)408 + 1 bonus

As a Google fanboy and Chrome desktop user, I’m currently using Chrome (beta) on all my Android devices. While it’s a fair bit slower in terms of real world usage compared to the stock browser, it’s much more compliant with evolving web standards. 馃檪

What browser do you recommend?


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