Every Professional Should Own A Domain Name

Even with thousands of dollars racked up in debt, if you’re an aspiring professional, purchasing a domain name is a worthwhile investment for the future. They’re cheap with absolutely no maintenance (aside from periodic renewals), and they provide so many opportunities. When you get around to actually using the domain name, there are so many avenues to pursue! Gone are the days of having to know programming languages to publish visible content online. Many content management systems and automated utilities have simplified this process… and a lot are open source. πŸ™‚

Here are a few examples of what I’ve done with my domain names over the years:

  • My main website – RK.md
  • URL Shortener – RK.md /x/
  • A personal email address through Google Apps (rishi [AT] rk [DOT] md)
  • Self-hosted analytics utilizing Piwik
  • Parked domains (rishikumar.me, rishimd.com, rishi-kumar.com) to improve my search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, when people search for me, they find me. It sounds easier than it is.

Whether you’re a student, trainee, or professional, having a tiny corner of the Internet reserved to you is something definitely worth considering. It’s a growing market, so don’t let someone else snatch up your domain name! If you’re looking to register, I’d strongly recommend name.com. Most importantly, with a new wave of top level domains (TLDs, otherwise known as the “thing after the dot” like com, org, net, etc), personalization is reaching a new milestone. Check out the upcoming TLDs here.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a URL like “yourname.blog” or “doctor.med?” πŸ™‚

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