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Major Outage At Bluehost

Yesterday evening was a disaster for Bluehost users around the world – a power outage in their home town of Provo, Utah took out a data center UPS rendering thousands of websites (and Bluehost’s phone support) useless for hours. Even after the servers were back online, websites remained unstable overnight.

Fortunately, Bluehost’s excellent customer support provided timely updates via Facebook and Twitter regarding the outage and process of fixing it.

Such an event could have happened to any host, but this is the first time in well over four years of hosting that I encountered such a long downtime. In spite of how many sites were affected, Bluehost still maintains an excellent track record and has won awards year-after-year for quality hosting. Between their relatively inexpensive price (given the features) coupled with friendly support reps, I’ll continue to be a customer for the foreseeable future and recommend Bluehost’s shared hosting to anyone interested in starting a website.


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  1. I used to love Bluehost. Something has happened within the last year or so that has turned a great hosting company into a terrible one. Maybe it’s the new CEO? I put a site monitor on my websites and they go down completely at least once a month (site and panel are completely inaccessible), http unavailable (no website, but I can log in to the panel) once every two weeks; and have hiccups, and performance issues (where access to the site and panel are so slow you get timeout errors) probably once a week. Having spent hours with their support, the best responses I get (from several different high level techs and managers) is that they know there are problems, but these are inherent in any system and there isn’t anything they can do. I’ve heard hostgator is better. Site5 also has an interesting service. I’m trying 1and1.

    • Hmmm, maybe I’ve just had good luck on my box (790)? I feel like I’ve taken advantage of too many Bluehost services (unlimited storage/bandwidth, cron jobs, being grandfathered into Google Apps for free, etc.) to shift services at this time, but I’m eager to see upcoming hosts provide worthy competition to giants like Bluehosts. Thanks for chiming in!


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