My Social Media Policy


The world of social media contains such a width breadth of contributors – cynics, optimists, realists, humorists, professionals, and everything in between; however, the one thing we all share is our humanity. We all have opinions. We all have good and bad days. None of us are perfect. With the growing number of ePatients, healthcare providers must always be mindful about what they post in the public domain. It takes only one impulsive Facebook post, tweet, or blog post to forever (negatively) impact one’s career. Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect one’s digital footprint in the realm of the public eye.

While there is no substitute for pausing and critically analyzing what one has written prior to publishing, having a written policy will remind the public (and you) what exactly you intend to accomplish with social media. I’m a firm believer that all healthcare providers should have a clear and visible social media policy which details their usage of public platforms and contains the disclaimers’ “legalese.”

After reading such “terms of use/disclaimers” from others, I decided to craft my own. Feel free to critique it here!

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

How effective are such outlines in the grand scheme of things? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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