My List Of Favorites In Anesthesiology


With my first year of clinical anesthesiology (CA-1) coming to an end, I wanted to make a list of “favorites” and other events from the past year.

    • Favorite IV meds: ketamine, propofol (duh!), vecuronium, remifentanil, hydromorphone, dexmedetomidine
    • Favorite brand names: Zemuron (rocuronium) and Sublimaze (fentanyl)
    • Favorite vasopressor: vasopressin
    • Favorite local anesthetic: ropivacaine
    • Favorite fluids: Plasmalyte and packed red blood cells (pRBCs)
    • Favorite procedures: TEE, central line, and epidurals
    • Favorite airway device: McGrath MAC video laryngoscope
    • Favorite types of cases: cardiac and trauma
    • Drugs I have the most respect for: protamine and insulin
    • Most blood transfused: 93 units pRBCs in a single case (not counting platelets, FFP, or cryoprecipitate)
    • Lowest ABG pH: 6.88
    • Largest ABG base deficit: 28
    • Lowest blood glucose: 23 mg/dL

I’ll addend this list whenever I think of cool additions. Forgive my lameness. 😛


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