What’s On My Mac – April 2015

Here’s a rundown of the applications I frequently use on Tassadar (in no particular order) outside of OS X Yosemite’s built in program suite.

  • Coda (web programming, SSH)
  • Transmit (FTP)
  • Final Cut Pro (video editing)
  • Pixelmator (image editing)
  • Microsoft Office (office suite)
  • Steam (gaming hub)
  • Chrome Beta (web browser)
  • Carbon Copy Cloner (mirroring tool)
  • Boom 2 (audio enhancer)
  • Monolingual, ImageOptim, Onyx, and CleanMyMac (maintenance utilities)
  • VLC (video playback)
  • Toast Titanium (digital media creator)
  • The Unarchiver (compressed media utility)
Desktop on my primary monitor

What are your favorite applications?

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