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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) On RK.md

I’ve recently incorporated accelerated mobile pages (AMP) into the code on RK.md. AMP aims to build an open-source platform to load web pages SUPER fast on mobile clients. This is accomplished by placing an emphasis on content over fancy design and is already being used by many popular sites on the Internet. Plus, Google supposedly gives AMP-driven sites a search engine optimization (SEO) boost. 馃槈

To test AMP on this site, navigate to any post and append “/amp” to the end of the URL. Once Google begins indexing my AMP pages, they’ll be readily accessible from Google’s search results in lieu of the mobile responsive theme.

AMP sample (for this post): https://rk.md/2016/accelerated-mobile-pages-amp-rk-md/amp

To learn more about AMP, watch the following video!


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