Finished With Month Two Of Pediatric Anesthesia

I finished my clinical duties this month with a long stretch of “q2” call shifts, but I survived! Early Monday morning, I sat in an empty post-anesthesia care unit and reflected on the fact that I’m training at the largest pediatric hospital in the country under some of the finest board certified pediatric anesthesiologists and intensivists in practice. Its made the last two months challenging, fun, and incredibly educational.

Many anesthesiologists are often in supervisory roles covering up to four CRNAs or residents at a time. I feel like over time, this can make their skills highly unpolished; however at this hospital, every attending is capable of doing virtually any kind of case (orthopedic, neuro, general surgery, reconstruction, urology, ENT, ophtho, etc) independently. This includes turning over a room, charting in the EMR, closing out the PACU record, completing pre-op assessments… things which we residents are often in charge of at other training sites. It’s nice that we get more time to focus on the patient to develop a robust foundation in pediatric anesthesiology.

I’ve been very impressed by all aspects of pediatric perioperative care thus far. Here’s hoping for a great last month on pediatric anesthesiology as a CA-2! 🙂

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  1. No pediatric cardiac surgery, what about neonatal surgery?? Keep up the good work and enjoy your last month


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