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Brand awareness is becoming increasingly important in healthcare to advertise one’s skills and services to potential employers and patients. In an age where relevance in healthcare depends on quality curation and content creation in the digital space, having a presence on the Internet is vital to distribute this information.

Today at 11:00 AM central standard time, the “.doctor” top level domain went live for public purchase, and I was fortunate enough to grab before anyone else! 😀

For now, it’s just a parked domain name which points to my main domain,, unless I think of an idea for a second site. 🙂

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  1. Ryan says

    Nice! Glad I read your blog, Rishi. Just picked up

    1. Rishi says

      Nice! How are you planning on utilizing it? If at all? 🙂

      1. Ryan says

        Not sure yet, right now it just 301s to my personal page.