Protect Safe VA Anesthesia Care

As a medical student and now as an anesthesiology resident physician, I’ve had the privilege of serving our veterans at one of the largest Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals in the country. These brave men and women selflessly dedicate their lives to protect our homeland and rightfully deserve the best possible healthcare available.

The VA nursing handbook is pushing for completely independent practice of all advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs – including nurse anesthetists) which means that experienced doctors would be forced out of providing anesthesia to our beloved veterans, many of whom have severe medical problems needing the care of highly trained physicians.

VA studies have shown no shortage of physician anesthesiologists to lead the emerging perioperative surgical home initiative: a physician-led, team-based care model to perioperative medicine.

This issue transcends politics and seriously threatens patient safety. We have 60 days to voice public comments about why we disagree with veterans receiving anything short of the best possible surgical anesthesia care.

I enjoy working alongside my APRN/CRNA colleagues, but we need to continue providing safe anesthetic care with our current team-based, physician-led approach. We owe it to our veterans.

Please join me in securing the safe anesthetic care of our veterans by filling out this short (30 second) comment:

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