Delete Old Versions Of Chrome On MacOS

Depending on how long you’ve been using Google’s Chrome web browser application on Mac OS X, you may be able to reclaim a substantial amount of hard drive space without deleting any important data.

Go to Finder, then Applications, and then right-click on Google Chrome and select “Show Package Contents.

Next navigate to Contents > Frameworks > Google Chrome Framework.framework > Versions to see a list of Google Chrome versions which have been stored locally on your hard drive.

Highlight and delete the older versions. In my case, I’ll leave the folder for version 87.0.4280.88 (the most recent version) and the link for Current. I’ll delete everything else (87.0.4280.67, in this case). Now empty your trash bin. Depending on how many versions you’ve unknowingly been storing, this can reclaim a substantial amount of hard drive space! 🙂

Drop me a line if you have questions.

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