My Second Stethoscope – Littmann Master Cardiology Black Edition

My Littmann Cardiology III black edition served me well for all of medical school and residency, and over eight years later, I’m now replacing it for my second stethoscope – the Littmann Master Cardiology black edition.

I chose this stethoscope because of its acoustic quality and the fact that I really won’t be working with pediatric patients anymore. Therefore, I had no use for a stethoscope that had separate adult and pediatric sides (ie, the Littmann Cardiology IV). The Master Cardiology lets me stabilize the diaphragm/bell much more.

I purchased the Master Cardiology from, a vendor very close to Boston, Massachusetts. Consequently, free shipping = next day shipping. I also went ahead and had the handpiece engraved with my name on it. Here’s hoping this thing lasts me many years! 🙂

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