How I Create My Diagrams

2017 was a year for me to utilize the power of the iPad Pro, social media’s vast platform, and my own need to teach to create diagrams (and occasionally mini lectures) to share with all of you. A common question I receive is – “what applications do you use?”

I’ll first start off with an idea and doodle some shapes on GoodNotes 4 for the iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil. I share the final image with all of my devices using Pushbullet. On my desktop, I’ll use Pixelmator Pro to resize the image, add my logo, and push it to my iPhone X.

I use my blog to centrally host the image and will often create a post with a mini lecture. Sometimes I’ll do an Instagram Live for the same purpose, save the video, use QuickTime to extract just the audio, and trim it to encompass just the lecture.

I try to keep my workflow simple and spend most of the time on content. Drop me a comment below with questions! 🙂

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