Layers Of The Scalp

Do you know the mnemonic “SCALP” for the five layers of the scalp?

  • The skin layer is relatively thick and contains hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and apocrine sweat glands.
  • The connective tissue layer has a dense, collagenous mesh interwoven with nerves and blood vessels supplying the scalp.
  • The aponeurosis layer contains the occipitofrontalis muscle and its investing fascia anteriorly and the occipitalis posteriorly. Thus, the skin, connective tissue, and aponeurosis essentially form a unit.
  • The loose areolar connective tissue layer separates the superficial three layers (skin, connective tissue, and aponeurosis) from the underlying pericranium. This layer also contains emissary veins (with no valves) which can serve as a conduit for infection through the scalp, and it also serves as a plane for dissection during surgery.
  • The pericranium is the periosteal layer of the skull where fibrous tissue anchors into the cranial sutures.

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  1. 8 years ago my patient has been in crainiotomy surgery first and second surgery wasn’t successful until the dr.decided to remove the parts of he’s skull then COVER it by hes skin taken from.part f he’s body .3rdsurgerjy was completely done and successful.
    But,now he felt sometimes pain and a sweet but the hair still continues growing up. I was amazed when the hair still grown up because the skin taken fr.other parts of the body.
    Doc.rish could you tell us how it comes the skin attachment to the skull stiill growing up.?
    Hope this is the right question?lol

    Thank for always there to teach us …


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