Cable Management Project

Ever since I moved to my current apartment, I was never a fan of the cable management with Odin – my main workstation. I recently purchased an under desk cable management tray and the Satechi iMac Pro monitor stand/hub to help me organize things a little better.

I screwed in both cable trays under my Arozzi Arena gaming desk, and then secured a surge protector under the desk using Velcro fastener strips. I then adjusted the HDMI/power cables running along my triple monitor mount to hide the display-related cables as much as possible. Here are the current items that connect to my surge protector:

  • Nanoleaf light panels
  • iMac Pro
  • Two, vertically-oriented monitors
  • Butterfly iQ charger
  • Ember mug charger
  • Belkin wireless charging pad

The Satechi monitor stand’s hub functionality allowed me to get rid of the ugly USB hub I was using earlier and elevated the iMac Pro a little more to be in line with the flanking vertical monitors. Check out the pictures below, and drop me a comment with your thoughts/questions!

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