Fidelity Retirement Portfolio Distribution 2020

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I don’t consider myself a financial advisor or expert, but I’ve been trading stocks for over a decade and wanted to delve into mutual funds with my retirement portfolio. Most of my colleagues picked a “target date” (of retirement), and allocate their entire portfolio to a single mutual fund blended with domestic/international assets, bonds, etc. Instead, I wanted to play around with a more aggressive approach.

Invest equally across the four following assets: Fidelity® Contrafund® K (FCNKX), Fidelity Freedom® 2050 K (FNSBX), Fidelity® 500 Index (FXAIX), and Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Trust Discovery Portfolio Class A (MACGX). At the time of this writing, here’s a breakdown:

Drop me a comment with your thoughts or any financial recommendations!


  1. Daniel Carlyle Reply

    S&P 500 index fund all the way…
    Yes you will make greater returns with individual stock picking in the short term but you will also have greater losses over the long term. Take the best stock pickers in the industry and put them up against the S&P 500 and they will lose.

    Warren Buffett already did it.

    That being said trading individual stocks and different markets is an exciting and interesting hobby. If you treat it as such and not a retirement plan by all means enjoy!

    • Thanks for sharing, Daniel! I’m still messing around with investment options, but seems like S&P 500 index is the benchmark!

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