Transitioning From Brave Browser To Orion Browser

For the last week I’ve transitioned from Brave Browser to Orion Browser given that it’s arguably even more private (blocks 1st party ads/trackers by default as well as zero telemetry). Furthermore, given that I’m deeply embedded in an Apple ecosystem, using a browser based off the same engine as Safari (WebKit) comes with added benefits in terms of interface integration.

Besides being able to install Chrome AND Firefox extensions in the browser, it has literally the one user interface element I wanted in Safari – the ability to have favicons on the Bookmark Bar with no text.

Just for fun, I ran some benchmarks comparing Orion 0.99.119-beta (WebKit 615.1.1) to Brave 1.43.89 (Chromium 105.0.5195.102) on my Mac Studio. Here’s the breakdown (higher is better in every case):

JetStream 2.1237.823257.934
MotionMark 1.2928.74 ±2.64%2907.56 ±1.90%
Speedmeter 2.1254 ± 12286 ± 8.7
HTML5 Test523/555519/555
CSS3 Test64%67%

I’m looking forward to seeing how this browser evolves over time!

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