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PGY-3 (CA-2)

My third year of residency training

First Time For Pure Exhaustion

I've always been unorthodox with regards to my sleeping habits. I tend to stay awake post-call to study, complete chores, and pursue hobbies. After staying awake for 36+ hours, I fall asleep that night with all of my work done. On "regular…

Tips For Beginning Anesthesiology Residency

Arguably, anesthesiology has one of the largest learning curves right off the bat. Though you'll rely on the medical knowledge you've obtained through medical school and as an intern, clinical anesthesiology is something entirely different.…

Finished With Month Two Of Pediatric Anesthesia

I finished my clinical duties this month with a long stretch of "q2" call shifts, but I survived! Early Monday morning, I sat in an empty post-anesthesia care unit and reflected on the fact that I'm training at the largest pediatric…

Critical Care Anesthesiology Match 2016

Although I accepted my fellowship offer out-of-match earlier this year, today was the official San Francisco Match Day for people still waiting for their critical care anesthesiology match results! It's official now! :-)