Book & Question Bank Recommendations

My goal with this page was to outline frequently recommended resources across various aspects of healthcare. Use the button above to contribute by listing the relevant field and name/author of the resource! 🙂


Profession Specific

Basic Sciences & Clinical Topics

Medical School Core Clinical Rotations

United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE)



    1. The exam has changed considerably since I took it. I kept preparation simple by using ExamKrackers books and doing as many practice questions as I possibly could.

  1. Thank you for your posts. Did you use Big Blue? What do you think about it? I’m wondering if I should purchase it also to help me prepare for the written board exam (Part I). Thanks!

    1. Hey Sandy! I skimmed through some of the Big Blue topics, and they’re pretty good. I feel like it’s the same problem as med school – too many resources, too little time. Just pick a few reviews and master them! 🙂

    1. Hey Billy!

      I didn’t use TrueLearn until after the ABA Basic exam. ACE questions, Hall, and M5 were more than enough coupled with reading chapters from Miller and Barash. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Thanks Patrick! I honestly don’t know anything about either of those books. I’d imagine most of their content is also found in the texts I mentioned. Guess it depends on your preference. 🙂

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