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Day Before My Last In-Training Exam!

Tomorrow morning at 8 AM, I’ll begin the last in-training exam (ITE) of my anesthesiology residency. My initial lack of motivation to study has been largely replaced by desperation fueled by watching many of the junior residents cramming review books and doing practice questions. I still feel like I peaked …

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Why Did You Become An Anesthesiologist Instead Of A CRNA?

I had a site commentator ask this important question yesterday. Let me preface my response by saying that I don’t intend to compare physician anesthesiologists to nurse anesthetists in any capacity. We both have our respective roles in the team-based approach to perioperative care. My decision to pursue anesthesiology was made …

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Halfway Done With Neuroanesthesia As A CA-3

It’s the middle of the month, the Texans got royally owned by the Patriots in the divisional playoff game last night, I submitted my hospital credentialing for fellowship this morning, and I’m so far behind with ITE studying… but I’m still going to reflect on my neuroanesthesia rotation has been thus far. …

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DNI Without DNR?

“Do not intubate” (DNI) and “do not resuscitate” (DNR) are two different entities. Often times a tenuous cardiopulmonary status or altered mentation requires securing the airway with endotracheal intubation well before full-on resuscitation with advanced cardiopulmonary life support (ACLS).

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