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PGY-2 (CA-1)

Finished With Obstetric Anesthesiology As A CA-1

Tomorrow is my last day of obstetric anesthesiology and also my last day as a second year anesthesiology resident (CA-1). Over the last two months, I’ve done a ton of epidurals, spinals, and combined spinal-epidural anesthetics to help provide labor analgesia and surgical anesthesia for my patients. There’s nothing more gratifying than …

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RK.md’s Facebook Page

With the beginning of my third year of residency on the horizon, I wanted to expand my social media reach by creating a Facebook page which will essentially serve as a lifestream of my blog, Instagram, and Twitter outlets. I’ll need some time to get everything integrated, but I’d love …

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Ridicule Among Residents

Having completed nearly two years of residency, it’s clear that residents from different fields who are constantly relying on each other will often find ways to ridicule each other as well. This is just the nature of medicine. We’re all busy. We’re all intelligent. We’re trying to manage patients, orders, …

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