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Last Day of Intern Year

This post is incredibly short, but it marks the completion of my last day as a first year (“intern”) resident. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be a PGY2 (or a CA1 in anesthesia land). I’m pretty anxious about being on my own in the operating arena, so we’ll see how it goes.

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My Residency Intern Year In Retrospect – Tips For Success

I know many soon-to-be interns are now staring down the barrel of their first rotations with some uneasiness. You’ll be a healer for patients, teacher for medical students, and what you do really matters as a new physician! I wanted to reflect on the habits which helped me survive intern year. Hopefully …

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USMLE Step 3 Experience and Tips

I’m finally done with the series of United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) – Step 1 ($530), Step 2 CK ($530), Step 2 CS ($1230), and as of 12:30pm yesterday, Step 3 ($800)! Assuming I passed, I’ll be able to apply for my US medical licensure in a few weeks. …

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An Anesthesiology Resident’s First Day Of Anesthesia

Yesterday was more-or-less an orientation day spent in the simulation lab and doing pre-op evaluations on a few patients, but today was my first real day being an anesthesiologist-in-training. The first three weeks of this month are in “mentor mode” – I’m paired with an upper-level resident and shown the ropes …

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