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Disband Your Usage Of Internet Explorer (Please)

I’m not begging, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using Internet Explorer as your primary web browser (hmmm, okay, that was begging). I’m just worried there are casual computer users out there who don’t realize that they are voluntarily subjecting themselves to such obsolete software. Even the upcoming release is a …

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Top Mac OS X Leopard Apps

I decided to create an extension to my MacBook review, but this time, focusing on the applications. For Mac OS X Leopard users who are blown away by the amount of available software, here’s what I’ve determined to be the best in each category:

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OWC Macbook Memory Upgrade

So I received my memory from Other World Computing this morning, and was eager to plop it into my Macbook as soon as possible. I must say from start to finish, this $100 project was well worth the money, time, and labor.

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