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Pre-Op Screen

Pre-Op Screen: Establishing Rapport With Surgeons

In most academic settings, the operating room is composed of the surgical team (attending, fellow, residents), anesthesia team (attending, fellow, residents, nurses), techs (scrub tech, anesthesia tech), circulating nurses, students, observers, and most importantly, the patient. The surgery attending is usually the captain of this proverbial ship; however, a delicate interplay between …

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Pre-Op Screen: What Does A Pulse Oximeter Tell Us?

Routinely utilized in ICUs, operating rooms, and telemetry floors, the pulse oximeter (“pulse ox“) is perhaps the single greatest monitoring advancement in the modern medical era. It relies on the fact that oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin absorb light at two different peak wavelengths. Without getting into too much detail, an algorithm is …

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