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Aspects of my life outside of medicine

Frustrated Doctors

We all know that the medical profession is filled with many frustrating intricacies for both the patient and doctor; however, after reading a New...

Personalized Medicine – Are We Too Smart?

Dr. Francis Collins, leader of the Human Genome Project and director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, resigned from his position as director...

Medical School Apps

So I finally finished my TMDSAS application last week, and submitted it on Friday. Fortunately, my transcript was already received, and hopefully my application...

My New MacBook

For those who know me, the single-greatest thing an individual could purchase me would be something in the realm of technology. I've been privileged...

20th Birthday

Upon completing two decades of life, I've reassured myself of one concept that I continue to hold dear -- friendship. Thanks to everyone who...


I'm a double board certified adult cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and intensivist looking to improve medical education, diagnostics, and patient safety while promoting team-based, patient-centered care.