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My third year of medical school – the bulk of my clinical rotations

Family Centered Rounds

Over the last two weeks, I've been exposed to the art of "family centered rounding." Many pediatric hospitals around the country are incorporating this approach of diagnosis and treatment into their daily routines, and it seems to be a hit…

Finished With Neonatology

I don't think I've ever said "awwwww" so many times before. Who knew that the sight of a newborn yawning, sneezing, or even hiccuping could be so cute? If anything, the last two weeks made me a big time softie. Neonatology at Texas…

The Perception Of Cuteness

It's fair to say that most people consider newborn babies to be exceptionally cute... but why is that? Today on rounds my neonatology attending explained the human psyche's perception of what is "adorable."

Finished With Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Spending a week doing pediatric EM was pretty eye-opening. I never got used to the sight of patients whose feet barely reached the midpoint of the stretcher being brought in for trauma, anaphylaxis, etc. I had a fantastic team of MS2s and…

Finished With Pediatric Gastroenterology

One week just wasn't enough time in pedi GI, but I definitely learned a lot! The team dynamic was incredibly conducive towards teaching, and although rounding was a little longer, discussing each patient in depth made it worth the time.