Episode 001 – The Rebirth

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Episode 001 – The Rebirth

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After taking a hiatus for over a year from podcasting as a critical care fellow, I’m finished with my formal training and ready to hit the ground running as an attending physician with the rebirth of my podcast.


  • Restarting the podcast to continue sharing medical education and insight from a board certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and intensivist
  • Also plan on sharing milestones in my life and tech-related topics

Drop me a comment below with feedback!


  1. Hey Dr. Kumar,
    My name is Andy Cheng, I a new grad RN working in critical care at Christus Mother Frances in Tyler, Texas. My goal is to eventually go into CRNA school, I love your medical content and I use it as a resource to understand difficult concepts within the ICU. One of the biggest concerns for me as a new nurse is trying to grasp everything in the progress notes of the providers, right now I feel super task oriented rather than focusing on why the patient is in the hospital and how and what we are doing to get them out safely and effectively. I am 6 months into my work and I am slowly getting the hang of it, I think I just need more repeated exposure and consistency to become a proficient ICU nurse.

    • It comes with time, and as I tell my residents/fellows, a lot of independent study off hours. You’ve already seen yourself getting the hang of it, so just stick with the process and read about all of your patients in depth. Thanks for the comment!

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