Episode 005 – Dealing With Mistakes And Death In Healthcare

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Episode 005 – Dealing With Mistakes And Death In Healthcare

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Despite all the positive aspects of working in healthcare, it doesn’t take long before one experiences mistakes and patient deaths. In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll delve into how I handle these two, independent situations by promoting a culture of forthcomingness, patient safety, honesty, and supporting (rather than scolding) each other.


  1. As a prospective and aspiring doctor (well there’s still a long time until i become one), it felt as if I was already there after listening to this podcast and it undoubtedly is comforting and uplifting to have this kind of advice. Most people are uncomfortable talking about such a sensitive issue but your kind self put it in a way which makes it easier for people to deal with death and mistakes. Looking forward to the next podcasts ! Have a good day Sir.

  2. Sharon Taylor Reply

    Wow! Such a great podcast Rishi! We’ve all been in that situation where we, or a co-worker has given the wrong med. Taking responsibility is the only way to get through it. Yes. It is embarrassing. And, we all learn from it. Dave is faced with this quite frequently with his new position. He has to make difficult decisions about reporting folks to the board bc of their actions. His biggest beef; not taking responsibility, and trying to bury evidence. There’s no shame in owning up to being human. I love your take on death. Quality over quantity every day. We’ve watched many folks suffer. My MIL had hospice her last 6 weeks of life. After 9 years in assisted living with Alzheimer’s, we were thankful that her death was less painful, and not as drawn out. Thank you for taking your time to share such an important message. Happy Holidays!

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