Episode 008 – Not Everyone Is Drug Seeking

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Episode 008 – Not Everyone Is Drug Seeking

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Many healthcare workers become jaded by taking care of patients who regularly abuse drugs and seek more potent medications during their admissions (often times saying they have an “allergy” to more traditional analgesics). I’m not naive to this; however, as an anesthesiologist, I’m also very mindful of appropriate pain management in the OR and ICU settings. Every patient should be treated individually, and consideration must be given that we are undertreating pain based on the clinical situation, tolerance, drug metabolism, etc.

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  1. Barbara Layne Reply

    I’ve been living in Chronic Pain for over 20yrs
    After 3 botched disc surgeries, were emergency redo’s the Neurosurgeon was arrogant & called me a liar when I called him telling him what had happened…. 20days later I couldn’t move my right leg & was in the worst pain ever! My husband took me immediately to the ER, The Dr that was examining me knew I was in big trouble & he called the neurosurgeon & after arguing with him for a while an emergency MRI showed the bone graft slipped way back into my spinal cord, This happened again after surgery number 2, when I had the 3rd surgery he put in a titanium cage to keep the graft in place. I was in PM for 7yrs & this was after I tried everything else, but my PM Dr
    Was badly injured in a car accident & had to close his practice, so no referral & no medical records from him. During the 7yrs I was on MS Contin 160mg 3x’s a day & 50mg of MSIR for Breakthrough Pain. I also suffer from PTSD,& Fibromyalgia & was on 2mgs of Ativan 3x’s a day. I weaned myself off of the Morphine, the only problem I had was the excruciating pain that those meds treated!
    Many Drs have refused to help me, the only one I could get, had treated me before I chose the Surgical option. He took me back, but would only prescribe 2 10mg Hydrocodone per day & 2 2mg Ativan, the Hydrocodone only took the edge off, but at least I had that little bit of relief! A little over a yr ago, I was told I had to chose one & he cut me off the Hydrocodone…. can you give me any advice on finding a Dr to treat me?
    I’m in bed 98% of the time!
    Thank You
    Sincerely Barb Layne

    • Hi Barbara! Thank you for sharing your experiences! It sounds like a chronic pain specialist is someone best suited to review your history and provide recommendations/therapies tailored for your needs. Many of these specialists are anesthesiologists who have had additional training in interventional therapies (joint injections, spinal cord stimulators, etc.) Google is a great place to start searching for providers near your location!

  2. Lyn Smith, RN Reply

    Thank you for acknowledging the ongoing
    opioid issue which has escalated into a war on acute and chronic, intractable pain pts. Have been an RN 50+ years and am sadly seeing huge discrimination, judgement of people in pain, quickly suspected of illicit drug use and denied relief. The 2016 guidelines have been weaponized, MD’s harrassed by DEA and afraid to prescribe, pts in pain denied relief and judged, tacitly and overtly as “drug seeking”. Great harm has been done to suffering people, it needs to stop.
    Politics, power, fear, prejudice towards the ill and suffering has taken medicine/healthcare back to the dark ages. Thank you for common sense, positive views toward pain management.
    Lyn Smith, RN…NJ.

    • Thank you for the comment, Lyn! Based on your experience, you know better than most about how deep this topic runs!

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