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Lighten Your Mac Hard Drive With Monolingual

Whether you’re running a massive 500 GB hard drive or super-speedy 32 GB solid state drive on your Mac, it doesn’t hurt to strip away unnecessary languages from your programs. It’s a hassle to go through applications individually and remove additional language files, but Monolingual has automated this process in …

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Snow Leopard Pre Order

The next iteration of Apple’s revolutionary operating system, OS X, comes out this Friday – “Snow Leopard” version 10.6. For $29, I decided to go ahead and purchase the OS last night from the Apple Store, so it’ll be at my door at some point on Friday and give me …

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SRS iWow iTunes Plugin Review

For the Tiger/Leopard Mac users out there, you’re probably interested in something artistic by nature. Whether its editing photography, listening to music, or writing HTML/PHP code (my personal favorite), Mac OS X empowers the creative side in computing. Consequently, any time there’s an opportunity to “enhance” a mode of creativity, …

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