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I'm currently in the process of preparing for an OSCE exam I have on Monday. While reviewing the neurological exam, I remembered something I thought was a pretty nifty test for cranial nerves X (vagus), XII (hypoglossal), and VII (facial).

Pediatric and GU Exams

After the neonate exam session I had Wednesday afternoon, I had a pediatric one on Thursday at Texas Children's and a genitourinary session yesterday morning at the Baylor Clinic - both of which were incredible experiences too.

Neonatal Exam

As part of our Patient, Physician and Society (PPS) course this block, we're required to attend several "special sessions" at hospitals around the Texas Medical Center. Today I had my neonatal session at Ben Taub and was absolutely blown…

Listen To Your Patients

Today was my first preceptorship session in PPS-3 with an infectious disease specialist. Our group of three students saw patients in the veterans affairs hospital with all sorts of conditions, and for today's session, we attempted to draw…

Clinical Ethics Rounds

This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of going to Ben Taub with several classmates as part of our mandatory "clinical ethics rounds." Though I can't discuss the patient and/or symptoms (HIPAA), it's fair to say that what I saw spurred…

Competition in Medicine

Last week's PPS topic involved self-care amidst the hectic life of a healthcare professional. Some of us feel that we're inadequate compared to our peers. Others strive to attain perfection in a dynamic science. Even more are on the verge…