1 week ago

    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine: Ingredients And My Symptoms Afterwards

    I’m thankful I was in group 1A for my hospital system’s vaccine roll-out. I received my first dose of the…
    3 weeks ago

    Looking Back At 2020

    2020 will be remembered for many things, but the one that most directly affected my livelihood and career has been…
    3 weeks ago

    Antibody Structure

    With all the discussion surrounding antibody production after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, let’s talk about the structure of an antibody.
    November 23, 2020

    How mRNA Vaccines Work – Gene Transcription And Translation

    Conventional vaccines typically involve growing a virus in various cell lines, injecting a part of the virus into the host,…
    October 9, 2020

    MAC, Cordis, Sheath Introducer – What’s The Difference?

    As a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and intensivist, I routinely place large central lines for resuscitation, vasoactive/inotrope administration, and to facilitate additional…
    April 9, 2020

    Creating My Educational Posts – From Inception To Final Product

    I’m in a constant pursuit to know more about everything! Although cardiothoracic anesthesiology and intensive care are my subspecialties, I have…
    March 31, 2020

    RK.md’s Perioperative And Critical Care Reference Sheet

    Ever since finishing my fellowships, I wanted to create a free reference sheet (front and back) containing “high yield” information…
    March 3, 2020


    Pharmacokinetic models describe the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of a particular drug. This can vary significantly based…
    December 31, 2019

    Looking Back At 2019

    2019 was the bookend to my formal medical training as I completed my fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesiology, took my first…
    December 2, 2019

    Basics Of Mechanical Ventilation

    Understanding mechanical ventilation is a fundamental part of intensive care and perioperative medicine. Here’s an overview of the basics of…
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