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2017 Apple MacBook Pro 13″

Earlier this month I bought a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" since my old MacBook Air was frustratingly slow with even minimal multi-tasking. I opted not to buy the MacBook Pro with touch bar since I think this feature is rather distracting and in…

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

I recently upgraded my Moto 360 (first generation) smartwatch to Samsung's Gear S3, and my goodness, what a crazy difference! My Moto 360 could barely get through half a day with only some of its (limited) features enabled due to horrible…

Delete Previous Chrome Versions On MacOS

Depending on how long you've been using Google's Chrome web browser application on Mac OS X, you may be able to reclaim a substantial amount of hard drive space without deleting any important data.

Responsive Web Design Is Essential

In the modern day of social media, having a website that incorporates a responsive design is not an option - it's essential. Responsive web designs utilize grid systems, flexible images, and the CSS3 @media query to render pages…