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ENT Resident Research Day 2011

Last Friday, several members of the ENT-erest group attended the ENT Resident Research Day at the Methodist Hospital - Baylor Med Neurosensory Center. There were eight 10-15 minute presentations (4 basic science, 4 clinical) done by the…

Week 2 of ENT Research

I've wrapped up my second week of research at the neurosensory center, and I'm still loving it! In spite of repeating the exact same experiment every day, the two ENT residents I'm working with make it incredibly enjoyable. Plus, no two…

Biophysics of the Cochlear Outer Hair Cell

Undergrad introduced me to an interesting unification of math, medicine, and physics - biophysics. I've decided to spend my short month of ENT research exploring the electrophysiological properties of guinea pig cochlear outer hair cells…

Hours of Volunteering and Research

I've received inquiries in the general format: "What are my chances of getting into Baylor Med with a ___ GPA, ___ MCAT, and ___ hours volunteering at a hospital/doing research?" A part of me cringes when I see the last statistic. :-P