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Rocket League: Kuxir – Opponent – Pinch

Harder than a Kuxir pinch? But it bounced! 😩

Rocket League: Double Tap After Teammate Demo’ed

Don't demo my teammate... or else! 😅 Getting better at these off-the-backboard reads!

Rocket League: Flip Reset Over Both Opponents

I suck at this game, but every now and then, I'll do something which makes me happy. Here's a flip reset in competitive 2 v 2 over both defenders.

Rocket League: Ball Stopped At Goal Line

This is a really old video (which I literally recorded from my monitor with my iPhone), but I was amazed at how the ball stopped inches from the goal line. 😄

Rocket League: First Ceiling Shot

My first competitive in-game ceiling shot. Not pretty, but hey, it counts. 🙂

Rocket League: Three Post Goal

Somehow managed to hit all the goalposts before scoring. 🤣

Rocket League: Wall-To-Backboard Goal

Scored this in a competitive match in Rocket League and went on to win the game by one! I know it's not amazing, but hey, it gives me something to look back on. 🙂

Rocket League: My First In-Game Flip Reset

My first flip reset in an actual match. Yes, it’s not impressive, but there's still much room for improvement! 😀

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