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The Unknown Unknowns

Medicine is all about constantly asking questions. Why is it so? Can it be done better? What am I missing? What’s the diagnosis? What labs/tests should I order? What kind of treatment(s) can I offer?

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The Patient Belongs To Everyone In The Operating Room

Surgical disciplines meet with patients, decide what operation(s) to perform, discuss the risks/benefits, and manage post-operative admissions with follow-ups. Undoubtedly, it’s a time and labor intensive job, and as a perioperative physician myself, I have an undying respect for my surgical colleagues.

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Lifewings Healthcare Quality Improvement

Today I attended a wonderful session put on by Lifewings outlining techniques to improve patient safety and communication in the healthcare arena. We role played scenarios in which communication between team members became pivotal in achieving a common goal, learned about our pitfalls as healthcare providers, and shared our concerns …

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Barriers To Care

One of my favorite things about anesthesiology and critical care is the freedom I have to provide quality patient care. PACU and ICU nurses are top notch, pharmacists are always available with every medication I could possibly need, and as a provider, I’m given so much autonomy with very little …

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Swallow Your Pride – Remember The Patient

Training institutions face an interesting dilemma in allowing relatively inexperienced trainees to practice their skills while trying to provide safe and effective patient care. Attending physicians have mentioned feedback from trainees along the lines of “Dr. X took the procedure away from me!” This conveniently leaves out any unsuccessful attempts made …

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