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Beginning of Block 2

Today was the first day of block 2. Waking up at 5:30 AM, I was eager to get started on dominating the next four weeks worth of lectures and labs – how quickly this feeling was stifled!

I jumped in my car at 6:37 AM and began my usual commute. Just over five minutes into it, I hit traffic on the Grand Parkway. Now this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill stop and go congestion because of rubber necking or a messed up traffic light. I’m convinced this was a plot to get me. I sat in the same exact spot next to the prison by New Territory for 12 minutes. It took me 41 minutes to cover 1.8 miles. I went on to hit practically every red light on highway 90, and finally made it to school – 2 hours and 3 minutes after I left my garage (my usual commute is 45-50 minutes). The fact that I measured these values down to the exact minute is a testament to how bored I was. 馃榾 Because of this unexpected delay, I missed the first lecture (fortunately it was just an overview of the block).

The stressful morning was quickly improved by the thoughtfulness of my PRN group leaders. They baked a cake to celebrate my and a fellow groupmate’s birthdays. 馃檪 After playing some foosball and pool, I attended the remainder of the lectures dealing with the heart. It’s a positively elegant organ, indeed.

Also, we got our exam grades back from block 1. I’m content but still hungry to improve. We’re dissecting the heart tomorrow, so I better get some studying done. 馃檪


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