Beginning of Block 3

Today was the first day of Block 3 – GIMNER (Gastrointestinal, Metabolism, Nutrition, Endocrinology, and Reproduction). Whew, just typing that list wore me out. I can’t imagine what the coming weeks will bring. 😀

Much to my satisfaction, more of our Block 3 lectures will be centered around biochemistry compared to those from Block 2. There’s something about chemistry which grabs my attention. Maybe it’s the interaction of functional groups or the catabolic/anabolic processes associated with various metabolites which just… makes… logical sense? I don’t really know, but I like it! Not to mention that I was a chemistry and biochemistry major in undergrad, so I’m just a little biased. 😉

Also, I’ve started some mild-core (as oppose to hardcore) USMLE Step I review as we cover different topics in lecture. It’s a good feeling knowing what First Aid is talking about when they say “hemidesmosomes.” I just wish I knew it for the actual block exam. 😉 One thing’s for sure… this block is going to see Rishi giving a lot more of his time to studying rather than shadowing physicians.

In other news, I just finished watching the Rockets decimate the Utah Jazz at THEIR home court. That in itself has inspired me to pick up my physiology book and continue reading about the gastrointestinal system. So… here I go.

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  1. Hey Rishi, I’ll be coming into Baylor the fall of 2013 and I was wondering if you would recommend taking the second semester of Biochemistry. I am planning on taking the first semester (Biochem I), which I’ve heard helps for med school, but I’m not sure whether I want to continue with the second semester. Thanks!

    • Hey Neil! It certainly wouldn’t hurt, but my advice is that you take something you’re interested in (not necessarily because it may help with med school). I can’t stress enough that there is absolutely zero utility in trying to get a “head start”, even if that means taking certain courses in undergrad. You have plenty of time to learn everything! 🙂 Look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks, and welcome to the BCM family!


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