Coda Web Development Review

Once in a while, I’ll come across a program or utility which is simply remarkable. As far as web development on Mac OS X, I sought a program which would optimistically eliminate my simultaneous usage of the Terminal (for SSH), Dreamweaver (for… everything else), and Transmit (for FTP). Come to find out, Panic Inc. has an answer to my dilemma – they call it Coda… I call it a Mac webmaster’s dream.

Coda basically does something which other companies seem to have difficulty understanding. Panic Inc. analyzed the field of web development, gathered all the most popular features (SSH, FTP, HTML/CSS/JS editor), and consolidated them into one user-friendly, efficient application. Seems easier doing this than creating “revolutionary” programs which are just as inconvenient as their predecessors, but oh well. I still love you, Macromedia. 🙂

Now for review purposes, the program itself is fantastic. 5/5 for speed, functionality, the “OS X look”, and stability. The only drawback is the price tag – $100 for a single license ($85 if you have a legit copy of Transmit 3). 🙁

You can download the demo/full-version from their website, but you’ll need to cough up $100 to purchase a key. Though there are other ways of unlocking this software (which I don’t endorse), it’s something definitely worth investing in if you’re a web developer.

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