First Day of Medical School

Today was my first “real” day of medical school. We had lectures on introductory histology (preparing a sample for microscopy), the cytoskeleton (microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments), and the anatomy of the shoulder.

After lecture, I made a genuine attempt to do something which I convinced myself would be next to impossible – studying on campus. After an hour or two of failed studying, I decided to beat traffic and head home. Come to find out, on the drive back, I remembered a lot of stuff I read. I remembered the muscles in the rotator cuff… the bones of the shoulder… the way we abduct our arms… and so on. This feeling of realization was familiar territory. In undergrad, I spent my commutes encoding a lot of the information I recently studied and committing it to memory. 🙂

Well tomorrow is the first day of gross anatomy lab. Finally getting a chance to delve into the wonders of the human body thanks to the noble sacrifice of an individual who has passed on. The deans and professors stressed that these cadavers are the true “teachers” of anatomy, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Now I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, so it’s time to wrap up some last minute studying and proceed to sleep on it.

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  1. wait….why dont you live in TMC? i mean…isn’t it going to be impossible to commute as you get busier and busier with med school…plus…i always thought that..even if i got into a houston med school..i would live in TMC just to avoid distractions and traffic..driving stress..etc….what’s your reason for not living in TMC? just wondering… =)

    • Living so close to the majority of my classmates would in itself be a huge distraction for me. I’ve never been someone who studies well with others (though I love teaching others), so staying at home allows me to study in the environment which got me to where I am.

      Most importantly, the hour long commute before and after class has proven to be immensely beneficial (as it was in my undergrad commute). It’s this “alone time” which helps me maintain my sanity. Yeah, it’s kind of a hassle waking up everyday and getting to school really early, but maybe it’ll prevent me from slacking off… maybe. 😉


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