Grand Rounds – Orthopedic Surgery

Grand Rounds are essentially conferences in which an individual presents a medical problem as well as relevant treatments to a group of doctors, residents, medical students, nurses, etc. Friday morning, I attended my first Grand Rounds meeting at the Baylor Clinic dealing with orthopedic surgery.

On my commute over to the facility, I was worried that everything would be outside my realm of understanding. After all, the audience consists mainly of doctors and residents who have mastered basic and clinical sciences. Why should the speaker “dumb it down” for a first year medical student?

Much to my satisfaction, the focus was on common elbow fractures, ligament tears, the problem of stability vs. range of motion in recovery, and the pros/cons of certain treatments. We had just finished studying the elbow joint thoroughly a few days beforehand. As soon as the speaker said “ulnar collateral ligament”, I felt right at home. 🙂

The conference lasted from 6:30 to 7:30 AM, so I had plenty of time to change out of my “white coat attire” for lecture at 8:00. I’ll definitely be attending more Grand Rounds whenever they don’t conflict with my class schedule.

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