Hawaii Vacation Synopsis

I just finished breakfast at the Embassy Suites and am now sitting in the lobby waiting a while before heading to the gym. Game 7 of the Rockets versus Lakers series is coming up in a little over two hours, so it’s almost time to GET RED! But unfortunately, today marks the last day of my vacation here in Honolulu. Friday was the big day in terms of sight seeing. My family caught a 45 minute flight to the “Big Island” and spent the day on a tour bus visiting the Mauna Loa macadamia nut plantation, Rainbow Falls, and learning about the history of Hawaii – including the legacy of King Kamehameha (a giggle for those nostalgiac Dragonball fans). The tour bus ate lunch at the Volcano House in Volcano National Park as we gazed through the sulfur dioxide mist emanating from the caldera of the most active volcano on earth – Mount Kilauea.

On the way back, the tour took us to an orchid nursery which housed a 2 foot plant valued at $20,000 for its “perfect symmetry.” I spent five minutes trying to figure out how such a crooked plant displayed perfect symmetry, but oh well, still worth taking a picture of. 🙂

Finally, we visited a black sand beach created by lava dumping into the Pacific Ocean and then took a flight back to Oahu. All in all, it was a great, informative trip! 🙂

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