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I had a random flashback this morning. For those who are guilty of using “Internet slang”, i have sum news 4 u – it’s nonsense. In no way, shape, or form will using Internet slang get you anywhere in life. In fact, quite the contrary… you’ll develop bad grammar habits and ultimately end of having to remind yourself to use proper syntax in writing formal essays for school.

I was “virtually chastised” by a female whom I had never met before for using proper grammar in a chat room with some friends a few years ago. In her mind, writing a sentence with correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling was synonymous with committing a sin and only allowed for “school.” Now I take pride in being different, but that was the first time someone was offended by my grammarian tendencies. I found it rather funny how childish people can be. 😀 

What’s the point in practicing your typing for the sake of nothing? Upon entering college, you’ll need to be more professional in writing vitas, applications, research papers, etc. Why bother wasting your typing opportunities on ridiculously incoherent phrases?

so ‘de nxt TIME u r using slang, rmr ‘dat it wont get u newhere, fool.

Ugh, just seeing it written makes my eyes cry out in agony. 😉

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  1. Yikes. That second to last line almost caused me to take out my red sharpie and do a little editing. And I’m not sure my laptop screen would ever look at me the same way after that.

    g2g b4 i start talkin like i did n middle skewl.

    Send help.

    • That line took more time to construct than the entire post. The burden of having good habits. 😀 Ah, and what happened to your gravatar? It was perfect for your site!

      • Oh, by the way… I really don’t know what happened to my poor old gravatar. It was there one day…. and then it wasn’t. Now my icon (or lack of it) makes me look purely mysterious, I think.

  2. yo dude, this ain’t about being correct on tha internets man…

    anywayz, I g2g back to werk


    Only attempting to be humorous… 😀


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